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    Caucasian girl consult with dentist for cavities and gum disease in tooth care of dental clinic.
    The unexpected dangers of gum disease

    Gum disease is common and unpleasant, but, according to a growing body of evidence, it could also play a role in a surprising range of seemingly unrelated health problems.

    Dentist Explaining Tooth Extraction
    What to know about tooth extraction

    Dentists and oral surgeons perform tooth extractions for many reasons. The issue may be a painful wisdom tooth or a tooth that has been badly damaged by decay. In some cases, a dentist will remove a tooth to make space for dental prosthetics or braces.

    Tooth model cross section with dental tools on black wooden tabl
    Teeth: Names, types, and functions

    Teeth help a person use their mouth to eat, speak, smile, and give shape to their face. Each type of tooth has a name and a specific function.

    Dentist holding tooth model and dental mirror
    How does tooth enamel last a lifetime?

    Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but, until now, no one knew how it managed to last a lifetime. The authors of a recent study conclude that enamel’s secret lies in the imperfect alignment of crystals.